The 'Ambar' Kharbanda Project

Why is 'Ambar' Kharbanda important to this world?

Lets for a moment, not worry about 'Ambar' Kharbanda as a person. Let's just think of this as an idea. The idea of living a life of meaning and giving it all you have in the most unselfish way. That to me is 'Ambar' Saab. 

'Ambar' Saab has dedicated his entire life to promoting poetry and coaches any number of people to appreciate and master this art. 

The 'Ambar' Kharbanda project

So, everyone at Word of Mouth Media loves 'Ambar' Saab. Everyone here also loves poetry. :) Get the connection? 

The reason we have poetry in our spaces is this gent, who for years has been relentlessly coaching us , and filling us up, with the most beautiful gift anyone can get.

It is our job now to make sure that this 'Ambar' (perfume in Persian) goes beyond our offices. 

We invite poets to send us their work, and read their poems on camera and send them out to the world at large.

Our small way of 'bringing poetry to every home'. 

The Ninty Minutes we all need.

'Ambar' Saab and I have decided that (looking at the state of the world), we must do our part in saving it from the dark forces. LOL.

We do it using a simple weapon. Positivity!

This 90-minute poetry act is now available to everyone to savour. 

Write to Pallavi, the chief curator of the project to know more about how you can get this act to your city or company. or