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The Story, As it Unfolds :)

Democracy Digital

Democracy Digital has a simple mission. We teach storytelling and filmmaking to grassroots and social organisations, so they may tell their own stories in engaging ways. For this, we invite young people to join our workshops and expect them to not have too many resources. Typically, just a smartphone is enough to start this journey.

We work in partnership with Azim Premji Foundation

(We are in the process of building a website and alumni pages for Democracy Digital. Till then this page has some information about where we are, and where we are going. )

To know more about upcoming workshops or to connect with us please feel free to write to Rahul at +918010986960 or write to

Democracy Digital Batch 1.JPG
Batch 1 | Always special | All we need is a phone...
Standing left to right :
Avinash Bharala (SR Abhiyaan), Rahul Raikwar (Democracy Digital - Khawab ke Mukhiya), Brihaspati Pandey (Delhi Press), Saurabh Rawat (Jai Hind Project), Tara Devi (Ekal Naari Shakti Sangathan), Ayushi Khawade (Youngshala), Ashana (Ekal Naari Shakti Sangathan), Jyoti Pardhi (Youngshala), Anshul Rajurkar (Azim Premji Foundation), Gunjan Pratap Singh (Azim Premji Foundation), Devesh (Youngshala), Derrick David (Jai Hind Project), Kartik (SR Abhiyaan)
Sitting on chairs left to right:
Atul Bokhandi (Trainer, Jai Hind Project), Yousuf Saeed (Lead Trainer, Jai Hind Project), Vineet Panchhi (Founder, Jai Hind Project)
Sitting on the grass, left to right:
Manish Verma (Azim Premji Foundation), Rajeev Baghmare (Muskaan), Soma Maity (Roopantran), Krishna (Muskaan), Taru Singh (Loktanta-shala | SFD), Shaitaan Singh (SR Abhiyaan), Rohit Singh (Delhi Press)

The Preamble

The Preamble to the Indian Constitution and why each of us should pay attention to it. Made for our children. 

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