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Democracy Digital

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This is a new idea and is taking shape in my mind. The idea is simple. We are the world's biggest Democracy, not the greatest. I say that because there is much work to do in the area of educating our children and ourselves about what a great Democracy looks and feels like. I believe this education, along with highlighting what our problems are; may be able to start conversations about what we can become.  I welcome ideas from you about what we should include in this education, and how we can get this to our children. 

More as this progresses, and the website comes up.  Kaam jaari hai...

(The Social Media pages are up BTW)

Much Sunshine and Laughter to you,

Jai Hind! 


The Preamble

The Preamble to the Indian Constitution and why each of us should pay attention to it. Happy Republic Day- or whenever you see this. My idea is to explain to our children what the day really stands for i.e. The Constitution. 

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