Kavita Ki


Love for music proved to be a gateway into jingle writing for a corporate-life refugee struggling to survive in the small town of Dehradun.

Soaps, shoes, washing powders or whatever else I could get on my plate- every little assignment that I would write for, always came from an emotional side of me. I would pour in my heart and soul into it and they became a part of me so much so, that I would start talking lyrically in mundane conversations of life around me. Sure amused a lot of folks and thus it managed to stick with me in the long run. 

September of 2018 brought with it, a new trail of expression. Or rather, just a push towards something I'd already been edging for. Jaldi Aa Gayi To, was an answer to life, as I thought of it. The team encouraged me to publish the poem and it managed to strike a chord with the people. Warm responses to the video made way for more poems, each new one a deeper dive into my inner self and a reflection on my interaction with the outer world.


 'Kameezen'  got very widely acclaimed and was shared across the world through various channels. A real high was Mr. Amitabh Bacchan himself sharing the poem. (I didn't get a chance to thank him yet. Could you please pass on the message if you happen to meet him?) In fact, I am extremely humbled and grateful to see people connecting with my poetry so much that my words started becoming a part of the vocabulary for many. For eg, A very close friend would be called a 'Safed Kameez', 'Purane Makaan' would be childhood relations that we do not judge, and accept as they are, and so on...


Since my 'poems' were not really poetry by traditional standards, a close friend and a poetry connoisseur herself opined that 'ji apki ye kavitaein, kavitaein to nahi hai. Kuch  'item' type ki chiz hai'.  And thus, I present to you, 'My Items'.

Pyaar se suniyega :)

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