Voice Artist

There was a time that one could light up a cigarette at one's work place and no one gave a thought about other people dying of smoke. Ah! What lovely days they were.


In the last decade or so, cigarette smokers like me have had the toughest time. We need to leave our offices and go out to 'designated' areas and feel like criminals. Anyway, we shall have our revenge from the world another day. 


Cigarette smoking has however given me some of my best buddies right from college and is responsible for making me a voice artist. Standing in front of Radio Mirchi's office, smoking, I sent my card in, to the head of the place. He must not be very busy at that time and invited me in for a coffee. A very gracious gentleman,  I extracted a promise from him, that he would listen to my radio program sample. That sample gave us a weekend show on Radio Mirchi and started all that you see today. Jingles, Voice Acting, Films... Tapas Sen, you had no idea, did you?


So do I hate smoking? That's a good question.


By the way, you must listen to our story. This YouTube video on the page please. Have a go!