Whisky Drinker

 There are people who drink whisky, and others who really know their whisky. People who know their whisky (Ahem...) are generally considered a little higher on the 'spirit food-chain'. Honestly, I don't mind them knowing their stuff...till they can keep their 'Gyan' to themselves. 

I drink whisky, because that's what my father drank, and his father before that, and, I drink my mash like a true Punjabi.

I add ice and soda to it and see no reason to apologise to the Puritans. So, Cheers! Mon Amie.

By the way, there have been many times in the last few years, when a client at startup stage, could not afford our services. At that time Dosto, a bottle of good Scotch or Bourbon has helped, and we have delivered what they wanted because the whisky was delivered in time. Get the drift?


Anyway, if you ever come to Dehradun and do not drink, please do not expect us to meet you after 1930 Hrs. The time we refer to is sacrosanct, and reserved for the 'eau de vie'.