'You Matter'
Virtual Wellness Retreat 

I'm still in the process of launching this program for companies; however, in a nutshell, here's what we are trying to do-
For many weeks I have been getting calls from my friends and colleagues in corporate, asking me to talk to their staff and help them feel better. Motivation has been down for obvious reasons, and everyone needs a dose of positivism.
However, the need to my mind isn't just for a pep-talk, but a sustained program to help our people understand and implement behaviours that can help them during this crisis.
I hence reached out to Niti Gupta of www.YouTurnConsulting.com and asked her to work with me to develop a programme that can help us sustain our happiness; increase personal productivity; reduce stress. Niti is a psychotherapist (Regd: Singapore Association of Counsellors) and works in the area of personal development and mental wellbeing. 

We will be launching the program soon.

To understand how this program can be implemented at your organization, please write to us at YouMatter@WordOfM.in, or leave a message on WhatsApp at +91 7300 64 5454.
I would love to understand your challenges and tailor a program to help your people stay resilient and positive during this crisis.
Thank you.