Jiski Jitnee Udaan Baaki Hai,

Utna Hi Aasamaan Baaki Hai.

Anil Varma 'Meet'

Mushkil Ko Samajhne Ka Tareeka Nikal Aata,

Tum Baat Toh Karte, Koi Rasta Nikal Aata.

'Ambar' Kharbanda

We've always found Urdu poetry to be the best way to express ourselves. With Janaab Ambar Kharbanda, this expression takes another level. The episodes you see below are based on our experiences through living a life of passion and creativity, as also our struggles through entrepreneurship. We believe there is a brighter and happier way to live, and that path always follows our heart.

We wish you Zindagi, on the rocks!


Episode 1: Identifying Passion 

Episode 2: Understanding Failure 

Episode 3: Hiring a Great Team

Episode 4: Staying Positive

Episode 5: Are you an Entrepreneur ?