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A rolling stone is how I'm often heard describing myself. Started as an on-the-run-from-home teenage musician in a band, spent 20 odd years climbing up the corporate ladder, realized the view from the top wasn't to my taste, quit, started an audio studio, became a filmmaker (thank you Youtube), started solving communication woes amongst organizations and somewhere down the line, started expressing myself through what could be called 'poetry'.  


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Waqt aa gaya ki Zindagi pe gaur kiya jaaye,

Sab kuch toh kar chuke hai, ab kuch aur kiya jaaye.


  - 'Panchhi'


(For all the things we want to do in life, one life is not enough.

May we never stop being childlike in our ability to do many.

Zindagi pe gaur kiya jaaye!)

Har roz, kuch naya, kuch aur kiya jaaye!

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