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Confessions of a NutCase 


Formal education completely put me off-track. I knew something was not right with school, even before I had proof. Everyone in my class wanted to do engineering, or become a doctor, or join the Army. All I wanted to do, was to start a band and travel. A really bad idea at that time.


I ranked 28th in a class of 28 kids. Well, mostly. Occasionally, I may rise to 26th, but never above 25th. So that was school.


Living in a place like Dehradun (small place; I mean) became terrible after all my friends left for India’s top engineering colleges (and some for the NDA) and I started working for a band.  I remember; how we would sing for many hours in hotel lobbies, restaurants, weddings, engagements, dance-balls…anything that paid us the sixty rupees a night we thought we deserved (This was the early nineties and sixty rupees went quite far). 


I finally left Dehradun for college in Delhi, after being asked to leave my father’s house (no, I didn’t have a choice) and had an outstanding 37% attendance in college. Most teachers at college were ‘Rum Buddies' and traded favours, so I did finally get a degree in Hotel Management, with specialisation in making Omelettes…Hahaha. The training kept me, and many of my future room-mates alive and well fed, for many years to come, and still comes handy when I need to survive on my own (which happens often). 😊


I attempted a variety of careers and jobs, did well (in a conventional way), made money, got sacked, found another job, made more money, kept running from one place to another, stayed confused, made some more money, lost all of it...and during all this...never really could connect with any specific 'job'. Retail, Sales, PR, Operations, Training, HR, Management... nothing made the heart say - "This is it".


Till one day, lightning struck, and the skies spoke. They spoke directly to me (I remember, I was there) and said - "What the hell are you doing in jobs that suck your life force out? Get Out! Get your life back! Now!".


I followed the 'higher' orders, moved back to Dehradun, started a music and films business, bought a Royal Enfield Motorbike  (Ram Pyari, then another called Dhanno and currently a BMW 310R called Surraiya Jaan), contacted all my old army buddies for canteen wali whiskey, and have never been happier. Thank God! Or whoever spoke with me that day.


I strongly recommend that you ignore my degrees and focus on my passions. Cars, Bikes, Travel, Communication, Music, Outdoor Films, Voice Acting, Writing, Leadership Coaching and Urdu Poetry. Not necessarily in that order, but it's all there. ;)


Oh! I love Whiskey, and my monologue ends here. I promise!


This site is made to impress you (I confess) with the creative variety I offer and to solicit work from you (I still have to run the house, you see). If you're still interested in confirming if I passed high-school, please visit my Linked-In profile.

Contact me via Facebook, Linked-In, EMail, or carrier pigeon. is my preference. Dhanyavaadam! Shukriya!

Some say you're lucky
if nothing shatters it.
But then you wouldn't
understand poems 
or songs.
You'd never know
beauty comes from loss.
It's deep inside 
every person:
A tear tinier
than a pearl or thorn.
It's one of the places
where the beloved is born.
(Gregory Orr)

Wakt aa gaya ki Zindagi pe gaur kiya jaaye,
Sab kuch toh kar chuke hai, ab kuch aur kiya jaaye.
- 'Panchhi'
For all the things we want to do in life, one life is not enough. May we never stop being childlike in our ability to do many.   
Zindagi pe gaur kiya jaaye!
Har roz, kuch naya, kuch aur kiya jaaye!
Vineet Panchhi's personal dictionary -
Words that are now regularly used for what they were never meant to be...
Safed Kameez: One's closest friend. A person one would call when in dire need, before anyone. The 'speed-dial ' champ on our phone. 
Purane Makaan: Childhood relations that we do not judge, and accept as they are.
Nalaayak: A happy person, who keeps happiness above material or worldly success. Always! 
Chaudah Sau Chalees:  The realization that every minute of every day is meant to live doing what one loves, and to be with whom one loves.
Apni Apni Chai: The ability to accept other people's opinions and live with differences. 
Sunday: Not just the day of the week, but a space in which we do not do anything.. Where we stop to gain perspective, and look back and reconnect with ourselves. 
Kanche : Material assets collected as a show of success to the world.

I haven't yet been able to reach out to Amitabh Bachchan Saab, and thank him for sharing 'Kameezen' with the world. If you know him personally, will you please let him know that I'd like to? If he still likes a drink, that is. Otherwise, I'll send a handwritten note. Hahaha. 

Who will we reach out to when we need a 'friend'?

I call these special people 'Safed Kameezen' and wish you , many of your own.

As parents, we think about our children all the time. This poem is about discovering another kid. Go ahead!

Give it a listen. 

Jeb Wali Dhoop

Dedicated to the infectious energy of Bombay. 

Perfection is stupidity.

Forgive us our sins of not being perfect , oh duniya walon... and if you still want to be perfect... leave us behind with our follies.

The new definition of 'Young'.

A long-winded but new definition of what being young means to me. White hair and age be ignored. LOL.

Samandar Dil

A large heart and the ability to laugh in every situation makes the Punjabi different. This is my learning from them.

Uth Bhai, Yaara!

When the chips are down. I listen to my imaginary friend, who loves to kick my ass. 

Chaudah Sau Chaalees. 

What we do with the minutes in a day, becomes us. Choose what we do, and who we do it with, carefully. 


The 'space', not the day.


The way I see wealth today.

Maa Ki Baari

Roles have reversed, as Maa got older.

Dheemi Aanch Pe Pakte Rishte

Why relationships need time and patience 

Manzoor Hai?

Getting married? Are you ready?

Living in the 'here and now' is actually the easiest way to live. Actually, come to think of it, that is the only defination of 'living'. Jaldi aa gayi toh

Whilst this poem was sent out to wish a Happy New Year to our Dost-log, to me it would always be one of the closest to my heart. Nalayak!

TEDx at The Doon School

My entire no holds bar story, with a  few lessons thrown in. 

Har Koi 'Yaar' Nahi Hota.

So many secrets kept hidden from the world because it would break the Yaar wali vow. Some coming out now. 

Baap aur Bété

How do I feel about not communicating with my father for decades. Lessons learnt and actions taken. 


These three miniature poems are the nichod of my trip to Banaras. Joota, madari and saadhu.

Purané Makaan

Whom we grew up with, people I mean, have a special place in our heart. Just like the old house ...the one we never judge.

Meri Chai Ki Ketli

Agree to disagree...

Koi Aisa Dhundho , Jisse Baat Kar Sako

On being recently asked what kind of a person should one look for, my half baked advice was - "Find someone you can speak with." Hahahaha.

Ye Galiyan Mere Ghar Tak Aati Hain

The poem that became a film for Ford Figo

Dahi Ki Handi 

The power of teams

Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota, Haen?

Exploring our vulnerable sides


Identifying and thanking 'Good' friends