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Kuch Kaha, Kuch Ankaha
My Thoughts | In Blocks
This page started on the 1st of January, 2023.

'Kuch Kaha, Kuch Ankaha' is where I'm trying to collate everything I've said since I started writing publically in 2018. I'm also trying to give everything I've said a timeline, so I can monitor how I have grown, as also where some of what I have said may still hold true. The need to put this together has come out of the changes I have seen in myself over time. I especially like it when people say - "Par aapne toh pehle ye kaha that...", to which I have to reply - "Jee kaha toh tha, par ab main badal gaya hun...". I believe that any person who claims that he has the same exact opinions as a few years ago is either not growing or is a liar. 
I will try and put my 'items' in 'Blocks', so they are easy to find for someone exploring with me, and also leave notes on where I have decided to change. Over time, I believe that this would create a space for me to notice my own growth and leave everything a bit more sorted than my daily life. :) 


Life and Living


I think about life and 'living well', almost all the time, because I want to ensure that I am living in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to me. I want to make the most of the time and resources I have and set goals and make plans for how to achieve them. Thinking about life helps me to develop a sense of purpose and to find direction in my life.

In addition to these personal benefits, thinking about life and living well also helps me to contribute to the greater good and to make a positive impact on the world around me. I may be more inclined to engage in certain activities such as volunteering, advocating for causes I believe in, or supporting others in need. I hope, by doing so, I can help to create a more compassionate and supportive society and to make a positive difference in the world.

Overall, thinking about life, in general, is an important and valuable exercise for me because it helps me to live more fully and meaningfully, and to make a positive impact on the world.


Relationships and Love

It is important for us to talk about relationships and love because doing so can help us understand our own feelings and experiences, and it can also help us form and maintain healthy relationships. Having positive relationships with others can lead to increased happiness and health for us, while negative relationships can lead to stress and other negative outcomes. Love, in particular, is a strong emotion that can play a significant role in our overall happiness and sense of well-being. By talking about relationships and love, we can gain insight and support from others, and we can also contribute our own perspective and experiences to the conversation.




Questioning the Powerful

It is important for us, as individuals living in a democracy, to question and criticize the powerful because doing so can help to hold those in power accountable for their actions. When the powerful are not held accountable, they may abuse their power and act in their own self-interest rather than in the interest of the general public. By questioning and criticizing the powerful, we can ensure that those in power are acting in a transparent and responsible manner and that they are making decisions that are in the best interest of the community. In addition, questioning and criticizing the powerful can help to expose corruption and abuse of power, which are detrimental to a healthy democracy and can negatively impact us and our community.


Others and Miscellaneous (Yet madly important to me)

Everything else that may have crossed by mind.

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